How to Grow Magic Mushrooms with Grain Liquid Culture Inoculate

How do you get:
3 day quart jar colonization?
5 day bag colonization?
13 day monotub pins?

Start using grain liquid culture inoculate to kick your output into overdrive. This course takes you step by step through various GLCI strategies so you can pick the one most suitable to your magic mushroom grow.


1. Learn basic sterile/clean principles
2. Get a few tub grows in or have a grasp on growing and the entire mushroom cycle even if in pf jars or bag grows.
3. Learn the basics of properly preparing grains using clean cultures. Be able to successfully use grain spawn and grow out substrates with multiple flushes. Have a grasp on bulk substrate and moisture content.
4. Try liquid inoculate when you have the first few principles down.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons